Advisory Services

Asset Management

Our years of operating in the industry gives us an implicit understanding in the objectives underlined in the management of hospitality assets. Our team ensures your asset is managed in the most effective way possible to maximize revenue growth.

We advise on:

  • The potential of an asset: Review market trends and asset valuation
  • The management performance of an Asset: Review industry trends and evaluation of operator performance
  • The Business Planning Process: Review and enable endorsement of budgets, marketing plans and capital expenditure plans on behalf of ownership
  • The financial and business performance: Review of actual performance against budget and appropriate benchmarks
  • Monitoring the Asset's Environment: Regular review of asset environment as against market trends
  • Regulatory requirement: Review of registrations, property tax & insurance

Franchise Advisory Service

Franchising can be an appealing growth option for many small businesses, but may not be the most appropriate method for a business depending on its growth objectives, nature of the services it offers and resources available to the business.

Our Franchise Advisory team is specifically built to assist each business to assess their suitability and viability before franchising.

We advise on:

  • Matching Qualified Candidates with the Right Franchise
  • Reduce Franchise Research Time
  • Preparation for Franchisor Meeting
  • Negotiate a Better Deal
  • Franchise agreement reviews
  • Franchisee satisfaction assessments

Customer Service Portal

We provide an online customer service platform that allows your customers and guest access to information on your hotel or restaurant within the country and the area your facility is situated.

The benefit of signing up on this portal is that with our many connections to hospitality and travel and tour companies all over the world we are able to reach many travellers planning on visiting the country.

The portal also gives customers a one stop source for viewing your services and facilities and compare your prices with other hotel and restaurants within your class of facility and geographic area.

We believe that any hotel and restaurant values the experience their customers have when they visit and use their services. So our portal integrates your online and survey feedbacks and guest data in one platform, so you can know what to improve your services, amenities and prices.

Hotels Accreditation And Licenses

Adville Hotels and Resorts will research and inform all registered hotels under our umbrella on all accreditations and licenses and help where necessary to acquire and comply.

Project Advisory And Development Service (Architectural designing and construction)

Investing in a hotel or restaurant involves proper planning and evaluation. Adville provides prospecting investors the needed professional eye and experience to advice you on where to situate your business; the value of the project and the risk involved in order to reap the maximum from your investment. We also link our clients to construction firms with proven track records in building hotels and restaurants within the African terrain.

Our legal team also provide legal counsel and service such as;

  • Drafting and reviewing lease and contract agreements;
  • Drafting appointment contracts for human resource and
  • Ensuring that you meet and are compliant with statutory requirements

Special Management Training Programmes

Adville believes that the success of any hotel or restaurant is in a well-informed, insightful and innovative management. We therefore have designed a special training programme for all our clients’ management with some of the industry’s best both in the sub-region and the world as resource persons.

What is unique about our training programme is the practical approach to our training modules. We give the trainee the opportunity to manage one of the hotels or restaurant under Adville for a period of time with guidance from the resource persons and our in house instructors.