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Running a hospitality operations requires an understanding of the impact of globalization, continuous changes in technology, diversity in workforce, scarcity of specialized labour, changing skill requirements, employee involvement and many more. That is why there is the need to have the best staff and management to keep the standards and quality required in this very demanding industry.Adville hotels and Resorts Ltd is a hospitality management and support firm setup to provide and fill this vacuum.
Adville’s core personnel have a combined experience of over 20 years in the industry. This means your business will be in the hands of some of the leading experts in the hospitality business in Ghana.

We aim at;

  • Ensuring continuous communications with owners and/or personal representatives to ensure hotels product and services is up to standards;
  • Give guidance to the hotel Manager and Management Staff of hotels registered with us;
  • Conducting regular inspections of registered hotels;
  • Create annual strategic Business Plan and direction including Marketing Plans, Budget and Capital Improvements Plans;
  • Ensure continuous evaluation of key personnel performance using strategic business plan;
  • Utilization of hotel evaluation system to monitor all areas of the hotel to ensure maximum profitability;
  • Monthly detailed financial and operating reports.
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Hotels which register with Adville Hotels and Resorts will pay a fee depending on the number of rooms and facilities. The hotels will then be audited on its technical and operational status and classified into three categories. Each category will have a unique support from Adville Hotels and Resorts.

Hotels that exist with franchise and managed by international hotel chains.
Hotels that are not franchised but have managed to put in place departmental and operational setups.
Hotels that are not franchised and have no management in place also no departmental and operational setups.

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